@cwebber > But when we published it, it was already April 2nd in Eastern parts of the world and thus, not surprisingly, the remainder of the post was less of a joke.

this is some enlightened 3D chess right there
@grainloom @cwebber one of the many things originating in NetBSD where some people don't know it comes from this place.

@nikita @grainloom Free software sharing the love around through projects is a good thing. But yes, informing of attribution is, too. :)

@cwebber @grainloom in no way I meant to point it out for attributions sake, just that this is something I notice when talking to people. it seems to them as if the work attached to NetBSD flies low under the radar and yet manages to be everywhere.
@grainloom @cwebber I think dash being essentially our sh but worse is fairly well known.
@cwebber oh, also if you are more active than I am these days in Guix, you could consider packaging NetBSD kernel in a way when it comes to running Hurd as the OS kernel and use it to have more devices available, running it in userspace.
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