Sauteed dandelion greens: turns out I like them, and they come "for free", right on our lawn. Made them in olive oil, salt, and a bit of maple syrup.

But the bitterness turns out to not be for everyone ;P

@joeyh Yes! I'd like to learn to forage more. So far I only know how to identify dandelions and pineapple chamomile.

@joeyh Last year I thought I'd boldly dig up some queen anne's lace and cook the root and eat that, but I got lazy and didn't.

GOOD THING I DIDN'T. I didn't know there were very similar looking things, ie, the deadliest things on earth.

@joeyh (hemlock, the thing that socrates drank for his murder-by-state-route, for those who don't know)

@cwebber @joeyh Yeah, along with some other invasive species that can do some serious skin damage.

@cwebber I only know a few but wild mustard is easy. For one thing, the flowers taste like mustard.

Probably gonna do stinging nettles after the mustard is gone.

By "wild mustard" do you mean ?
Still sorta edible after cooking where we are in southwest Wisconsin.

We eat a lot of nettles, but they are not up yet. Enjoying the dandelions, though.


@bhaugen huh, used to eat creasy's when I was young (my dad would go forage with an old guy) but I never put together that it's a species of mustard

however, the mustard I foraged is another species than creasies.. probably brassica oleracea

@joeyh @cwebber
Nettles are up. Eating some for dinner.

Also ramps and garlic mustard.
Garlic mustard is an "invasive weed" so people who want their ecosystems to be pure don't like them. And they are aggressive.

But they are also edible and not bad, so we are doing our duty by eating them...

They make a fine pesto, too...

@cwebber They're less bitter if there's been enough rain, and also if you cover them up (don't smother them, just let them grow with water but no light). They get very pale and less bitter. Oh and also before they bloom they're less bitter.

@cwebber Perhaps in a cocktail...

I like those drinks where it tastes vaguely medicinal but I'm actually getting drunker :)

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