I suspect a lot of my friends don't know how to cook (or not much) and maybe due to World Events right now are trying to figure out how to eat healthy at home for cheap and with little effort (and many are also vegetarian).

It so happens that I've optimized a lot of our eating stuff for such things (cheap, shelf-stability, fairly healthy, vegetarian, fast). Maybe I should start some repo documenting my food recommendations if there's interest...?

I guess I can just start the repo and start copying stuff into it

@cwebber sounds like a great idea :D
rating recipes on cost, ingredient perishability, spoons (energy) and spoons (required cutlery) might also be really helpfull generally

other thought, multi-level recipe recommendations where you can use leftovers from dish X to make dish Y

kinda overcomplicating things already hah, just getting recipes out there is a good start

@cwebber cos I'm a sucker for a static site generator I recently knocked up a site to keep my repeated recipes with

@cwebber I have this recipe web site with quick to make veggie food, it might be useful too:


Yes, please do so!

Maybe you even want to do it in the form of an in-progress #eBook using #leanpub?!


You can monetize it if you want, or you can "sell" it for 0 $

- in either case, you can utilize the leanpub-infrastructure:

writing in #markdown (#markua) once and getting PDF, EPUB and MOBI eBooks with just a click!

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