Now that @mlemweb is also vegetarian, and since she is a jerky enthusiast, I have been trying to figure out how to make veggie jerky cheap at home (the store bought stuff is $$$). Yesterday I tried slicing up some veggie hot dogs and tofurkey sausages and put them in the dehydrator. Pretty good; the thinly sliced ones did best. But it was hard to get such a thin slice.

Then this morning! It hit me! Veggie lunchmeat... it's already sliced thin! So I'm going to try that.

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Backpacking Chef has some ideas on how to do that with normal lunchmeat

And the good news is: veggie lunchmeat tends to be much leaner; that's good, the main thing people advocate is that you need a lean cut or else it goes rancid!

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@cwebber @mlemweb You could try to freeze it slightly to be able to cut thinner slices...

@ckeen @mlemweb Yeah I have heard that's a good way to do it!

It's also the recommended way to eat the mystery meat in Pixel Dungeon :)

@cwebber @mlemweb That or you can cook it by throwing it into fire or stew it in an alchemy bowl
@cwebber @mlemweb

alchemy pot it's called in shattered pixel dungeon

@ckeen @mlemweb I thought you were still giving me IRL cooking advice. But happy to see a pivot to joining me in nerding out about pixel dungeon :D


Sorry for that invisible shift of attention. Also sorry to @mlemweb
for switching the subject :)
@cwebber @mlemweb You can also make meat pie with a food ration, meat and a pie
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