I'm listening to... workout music while hacking? And it's a really good fit?

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@nikg pretty much anything that shows up when you search "workout music" I guess

@cwebber @nikg Upbeat electronica probably shows up in several of those results, and I find that it works well for both workout and code.
> I workout to their whole album

Suspicion anecdotally confirmed. 😀

Swedish House Mafia : Until One - 13. Knas -

Was going through this while reading fedi, because I'm looking into SHM a decade after the fact. I've only heard "One" before and I really like it. I think it's the Mortal Kombat pew pew drums that really seal it.

@cwebber So EDM or Drum n' Bass most likely. Meanwhile I'm listening to Boards of Canada and Bob James while working out.

🎶🎵 Let's get functional. Functional. Let me hear your lamdas talk🎵🎶

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