I don't really talk about it because I haven't put enough work into it, but (but I have a lot of imposter syndrome about it). Any pronouns are ok, but I think the Spivak-derived ones are great for me (and society)

If you didn't know before, I guess you do now.

I have been putting more work into it over the last year, but quietly, in private. It's still very small.

Maybe it'll be more obvious over time. Or maybe it'll never be that obvious to other people, I don't know.

My imposter syndrome is doubled by having this fear about being stuck in this weird blob of a body. But I mean, one can say that fear is related, and this is part of ongoing work towards self-acceptance

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@cwebber Solution, get frozen, get new body when you wake up. Re-evaluate.

@cwebber The only requirement for your legitimacy is your desire for it. You have my full respect, and I will try to remember the appropriate terms of address. It's a small thing for a worthy person.

@cwebber Thanks for trusting us with this! You are appreciated, and your identity is valid. 💛

@cwebber thank you for sharing, for trusting to share.

You're awesome.


@cwebber Thanks for sharing, that's a brave move in this way ♥

@cwebber I was not previously familiar with Spivak pronouns. I like those better than the other alternatives I've seen. Thanks for sharing.

@cwebber congrats! I too feel like not understanding things fully. But that still makes you valid! 🙂

@liw @cwebber
I think we have both. And by "we", I mean the gazillions of tiny lifeforms that make up "me"

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