What if, Terminal Phase, but also tight passageways???

This is actually a great file to show off "what does a Terminal Phase level file look like?"

It turns out, an awful lot like the level you're playing!

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I wonder when:
- I'll get the first level contribution?
- Terminal Phase will be packaged in the first distro?

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should be pretty easy to do in Guix once a Racket package importer exists

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@cwebber Can't find 'terminal phase' on AUR.

Is this thing real?

@malin It's real but it is new and not packaged in any distro yet (also still very alpha, will have Real Levels within the week)

Want to be the first to package it? :)

@cwebber @malin is this via standard steps of racket package installing (eg if I would package this for pkgsrc)? a quick look at the repository seems to suggest so.

@nikita @malin Yes, it should be. I don't know if I set up the launcher right or not.

The hardest part probably will be packaging the Racket ansi package, which has a little bit of C stuff! Otherwise, should be fairly straightforward.

@cwebber @malin tbf I have no clue if we have any racket packages beyond racket itself, but there's always a first target.
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