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Want to know why we are making an alternative to mastodon ?

Here is what we have in mind parast.at

@impiaaa "also we're making up our own new protocol" i see no issues with that, especially when the people doing that have no experience building that kind of thing afaik

@er1n @impiaaa I've found the blog post that gives a few more details than the landing page:


From the sound of it, they just mean something like LitePub, a version of ActivityPub with some added semantics. Not sure what the progress is on that protocol, though.

The blog post mentions that some of our mod tools "waste time", I'd be curious to hear the specifics and what alternatives they come up with...


@gargron @er1n @impiaaa CNPL... license with nice goals, but I think they'll find fairly quickly that compliance turns out to be hard.

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this site is written with to much emotions throwed against others and it reads like there is nothing except the idea to get some money.

furthermore this licence is kinda strange and because of risks with possible law problems no serious domain owner will accept it for a service he is personally responsible for.

Gargron, continue your good work and try to open @Gargron @er1n @impiaaa - 1/2

it to more people. this "i do not like you or your lifestyle so you are not allowed to enter fediverse" brought up by some is the only thing which can stop growing the hard way.

@Gargron @er1n @impiaaa @cwebber - 2/2

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