So... sourcehut actually looks really... good? Has anyone run it?

Also unlike almost everything else out there, it looks maybe sane enough that it could be packaged for Debian and Guix. Even a conversation about it here:

@cwebber Can confirm that it's nicely packageable, I tried doing it for gentoo a while ago and it was pretty nice.
Would definitely use it for a community. (I prefer much stricter software for stuff I self-host, pleroma is quite an exception so far)

@cwebber some people are kinda pissed that it uses email, otherwise it's a pretty darn good system

@ben @cwebber yeah a few people run third-party instances

@cwebber I don't have experience running an instance, but from a user's perspective I love it. This is where I was hosting my feature branch for the work on Guix this summer

@cwebber totally made by sircmpwn who is a prolific open source contributor. mastodon instance is also suspended by many for him being racist, harrassing people, etc.etc.

Ask around if you want receipt

@cwebber I mean it looks like good software.
Maybe it just needs someone to fork it and give it a better community

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