It bums me out when I see project leaders applying "stop energy" towards other projects in the fediverse space by taking potshots at them when energy to develop and get far enough on the fediverse is so scarce. We do better by supporting each other and engaging in dialogue.

(Applying stop energy to bigoted materials is another matter and not what I'm talking about.)

@cwebber Yeah, it’s always sad to me. As a result I’ve muted a couple of people for self-preservation.
@cwebber yeah, this stresses me out a lot. It's not exactly a new phenomenon though, Friendica and Diaspora people took potshots at each other back in the day.

It just feels so discouraging and unproductive sometimes to yell about the supposed intentions of other projects, when there seems to be lots of evidence to the contrary of whatever the naysayer is putting out there.
@sean @cwebber Back when? I joined Friendica late 2016 and it was already cordial with Diaspora back then.
@sean I can definitely imagine Mike butting head with Dennis.
@sean @cwebber But he can't be a man, because he does not smoke the same cigarette as me.
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