> This is the paradox of the internet — nothing is permanent and nothing ever goes away.

-- From "A Lost Treasure of Xanadu" on Habitat Chronicles

@cwebber > At the time, we regarded all the internal details of how Xanadu worked as deep and dark trade secrets, mostly because in that pre- open source era we were stupid about intellectual property

I don't think most people from our generations understand this well enough

@cwebber also known as "valuable things go away when you least expect them to and shitty stuff like your forum posts from when you were 12 linger around for decades"

@cwebber With buying and scanning a large library of microfilm it might be time to actually implement something like Xanadu in which everything is cross-referenced with everything else.

@cwebber one of the unexpected results of AI might be suddenly all our gaming forum posts get unearthed at once

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