@cwebber how feasible is it to pull in deps for things like that thru guix anyway? I guess it just depends on whether anyone's gone thru the work to package it? can it be automated?

@technomancy I mentored a GSoC project to do it and the student succeeded in building the tooling but the npm ecosystem is SO BAD that it turns out we couldn't very usefully package much of it. Many guix'ers have tried and laid bleeding by the roadside in the process.

Think full language bootstrapping problem equivalents for every third library you have to package, and now multiply that by "many packages' code are smaller than their package definition" level of library granularity.

@cwebber @technomancy why are there bootstrapping problems in npm libraries?

@steph @technomancy Frequent problem: Library A frequently depends on Library B that depends on an older Library A that depends on an older Library B

@steph @technomancy Additionally many packages have historically had 0 licensing information

@cwebber I have a lot of input into the package manager for the crystal programming language and I'm glad to say that we don't have either of those problems
@cwebber it could do with being more packager friendly (especially offline builds) though. And bootstrapping crystal itself is a problem I solved with much pain and suffering and is only possible on x86 (then you have to cross compile)

@cwebber @technomancy I was very sad when I discovered that the underscore library (I think) was broken into one package per function.

@dthompson @cwebber thank you for validating my decision to keep that entire ecosystem as far away from anything I work on as possible; your service is appreciated

@garbados content-addressed delivery is good but doesn't address the things that make actually packaging that stuff a nightmare afaict

@cwebber what makes packaging stuff a nightmare? (i know packaging stuff is a nightmare but i’m interested in your take on it)


I could really do without it, too.

I wanted to get my Cisco DevNet bot up & running the other day, but npm had other plans.

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