Oh, there's a newish version of Crawl out. Guess I should update Guix.

Sounds like some nice gameplay updates.

@cwebber How are you liking guix so far? What distro you running it on?

@freemo I love Guix and am running Guix on... Guix (the distro mode) ;)

I used to run it on Debian.

It's nice to fearlessly do system upgrades. No worrying about being unable to recover from an upgrade that trashes my system; just roll back!

@freemo Expect to put in a similar level of technical hands-dirtying that arch and gentoo users do, though.

But maybe less than historically. The installer makes a lot more easy than before.

@cwebber Indeed I will. I have a spare laptop i can play with, ill give it a go! Thanks!

@cwebber I used btrfs for that until now. I must admit the transaction idea in guix is the most appealing aspect,

I might try the guix distro, I may also just try guix on arch (my prefered distro right now).

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