Another startup looking at making faux meat. This one is using fungus to make something steak-like, which is an interesting untapped area

But will it actually taste any good?

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@cwebber As someone who hasn't eaten meat for 20 years, I'm looking at these companies with some degree of hope.

I think there are two aspects to this: The first is that if they manage to make it like meat, that may convince some meat eaters to try the alternative, which will reduce the environmental impact of meat production.

The more exciting aspect is that at some point they will be able to break out of the bonds of meat taste, and make something completely new and even more tasty.

@cwebber There are parallels in history. For example, the first cars looks like horce buggies. Sometimes they even put a fake horse head in front of it.

The first plastics were make to look like wood. I think this is because people have a hard time thinking of completely new uses of a new invention and try to apply it on the familiar.

In the case of plant protein, the familiar products are meat, so obviously they will try to make it like meat to appeal to the customers.

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