The terminal-based retro shooter now has moving terrain!

Excited about this? Want this FOSS shooter to be a reality? We're 80% of the way to the goal

The main goal of the shooter thing is actually not at all for the game itself. It's to test Spritely Goblins and make sure it's working correctly.

Because of working on this I already identified and fixed a serious performance issue (10x speedup!) and have made many other small usability tweaks.

The goal is to make sure that Spritely Goblins works nicely for local-only applications before focusing on distributed applications.

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That said, at the end of the week I should have enough done towards that purpose where I don't need to keep working on this anymore to raise my confidence. I can retire it as a test program.

UNLESS people want to play this and have me make it a full game. That would probably take me about another week of work given what I have already. So, that's what the fundraising goal is incentivizing.

Personally I think this would be a pretty cool thing to have!

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@cwebber Can you remind me which thing Goblins is? It's the Datashards<->ActivityPub thing right?

(I like this UI)

@emsenn Goblins is the actor-model / secure distributed objects layer for distributed programming. Think Erlang for Racket, but with ocap security built in.

@cwebber I think I might understand, if "distributed programming" here means like, send your inputs to a remote server, get the result back, rather than using all local functions, right?

(I don't know what Erlang is but you've explained OCAP to me well enough in the past.)

@cwebber Okay, cool; thanks! So Goblins is the data-structure part of things, the data structure being an actor with OCAP stuff to make sure it can be changed and read and whatnot?

@emsenn Less datastructure, more "distributed objects".

Will make more sense when I put out docs probably? :)

@cwebber But I don't /wanna/ wait!

For real, I appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions; I know you get asked them a lot from a lot of folk with different intentions and levels of knowledge.

I look forward to and dread patching my rudimentary MUD code to use Goblins instead of Things - assuming I've understood your answers so far.

@cwebber OMG I saw you in a video giving a talk about Hylang. This was like... +1000 years ago.

Omg, I love Mastadon. Let the geek come forth from within me...

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