Should I be doing live coding streams?

It would probably be boring, unless I set up most of the scaffolding for a gamedev session, in which case it might be fun for people to see.

Or, if I do demonstrations of libraries / tech once they're ready for demonstration.

People have requested it in the past. Seeing @mala post about doing so made me think about it again

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@cwebber I do it because it helps me to focus, and turns the act of programming, which can seem lonely and isolating, into a social activity. I have aspirations that it can also be used as advocacy, and as a useful (version-control-like) record of decisions, but that's only an aspiration!

@mala That's totally valid!

I think if I did it, it would be more like: "Here's something I think you should use, and which I mostly already want to show off how you can use! Or here's how you can see my workflow live!"

In which case I probably would have things at a point where I was fairly confident *what* I was going to do and *how* I was going to do it before I jumped into it.

@cwebber yup, I originally had more intentional and easy-to-comprehend sessions with a clear aim. Now I just do it mostly for myself; I think the nice thing about the end-product is you can move fairly seamlessly between the levels of formality you want. More formality == more for posterity.

That would be interesting! What technology would you be working with?

Also, what streaming software would you use?

@masterofthetiger @cwebber I use OBS Studio . I should package the obs-linuxbrowser plugin for guix -- it's not necessary but it is handy (and a bit of a monster to build currently).

@masterofthetiger @cwebber but I'm hoping to work out ways of remaining independent of the Twitch ecosystem, so, canonically

@masterofthetiger Probably Racket, the Spritely tooling I'm building, occasionally Guile and Guix, GNU/Linux stuff, Emacs, etc.

And yes I was planning on using which is what @mala just said. It's packaged in Guix!

@cwebber @mala I would LOVE this! As someone trying to learn lisp (specifically Racket), it would be great to watch someone work in that space. Even just recorded sessions of coding would be helpful, but live would possibly be more fun.

@cwebber @mala It is very hard to learn coding for some of us without following a visual example of the flow. Given that people stream everything from chitchat to ASMR, I think you’d have more than a few followers.

Please ping me if you do.

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