@cwebber He stepped down from the free software founation but not gnu, right?

@cwebber It's cool to see that GNU's internal organization is such that a statement like this can be made; speaks to a strong institution, I think.

Re: GNU/ RMS-adjacent 

Re: GNU/ RMS-adjacent 

Re: GNU/ RMS-adjacent 

@cwebber Question: how many non-male signatories are on this list?

@J12t Not sure the gender of all participants. I'm guessing it's mostly male though, but that's partly because of the problem being addressed: GNU is *very* male dominated.

Attempts to make progress to change that in the past have been hindered by the very issue this post is discussing.

@cwebber I wanna thank you for your part to play in this.

As an associate FSF member and long term GNU supporter; the long bouts of official silence and the turbulence of the more public mailing lists have actually been heart breaking to sit through.

I was a bit afraid we had entered a new status quo already. One I was not comfortable with.

@trashheap Thanks... I mostly was a signatory on this one, though I agree with it; others did the work of coordinating (which I know isn't easy). I'm glad the statement is out.

@deejoe @cwebber the comments are kind of fascinatingly awful.

The mental gymnastics of people desperate to find a reason to state GNU maintainers ought not have an opinion on the GNU.

@cwebber I'm not familiar enough with the GNU Project as a whole to be able to gauge: Is this a large percentage of those involved? Or, like, a bunch of highly visible/influential people within that community?

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