Hey look it's @stublad! They're the ones who uploaded the Electric Communities Habitat video I referenced in my talk.

More stuff about that all at

@cwebber Thanks for the shoutout! Plenty of Habitat related stuff on there for anyone interested in the history of virtual worlds.

@stublad @cwebber You know it’s possible to play it again as Neo Habitat, to see how it was but with fewer players online. It even works on the original machine.

@bjonte I think @stublad knows because they helped on the neohabitat project ;)

@bjonte @cwebber I remember you Jonas! I'm Stu in NeoHabitat. Would love to see you inworld again sometime :)

@stublad @cwebber Haha, I should have recognized you as Stu! I tried to play it seriously with a friend of mine back then but the soft locks was too frequent. I’ll promise to pop in again soon.

@bjonte @cwebber let me know if you still have issues. I’d love to get that stuff resolved if it hasn’t been already.

@stublad @cwebber I’ll make sure to test and see if it still occurs. It was the transition between rooms that got stuck somehow.

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