Hello fediverse! Tell me about your cool projects?

@cwebber My visual novel, Anthrotari! ( Coming of age slice of life about a queer furry.

@cwebber Hi :)

Trying to run #spark on #kubernetes natively with some kinds of task queues ^_^

And what you are doing? :)

@alexcleac I'm working on Spritely Goblins, an ocap-secure distributed programming library for Racket, thanks for asking!

@cwebber Hacktoberfest is what I am working on.

In general there is my enveavors in Python, but they are not very noteworthy right now.

@cwebber turning all of Satoru Iwata’s Iwata Asks interviews into books!

@cwebber Tilerswift! Still very alpha, but I hope to make it a next-gen cross-platform NES ROM tile editor.

@datatitian @cwebber but what is the experience like for people using the groupserv?
@datatitian @cwebber

groupserv being short for 'group server', like your for example.

i considered writing one that used Announces to forward (which is the only reliable way to do it, forwarding signed Creates with LDSigs only works with *some* AP servers).

but then you are seeing "foobar group boosted this post" since there is no semantic hinting for what an announce is supposed to actually mean.

@kaniini @cwebber oh I see. Yeah it's exactly that - a server that automatically creates a Group actor when you search for or tag a username and then automatically announces anything that comes through its inbox.
I also thought about inbox forwarding, but was unsure about support, so I started with announce

@datatitian @cwebber

we are working on semantic hinting through the use of JSON-LD compound typing, as this same problem exists in the relays.

although in this case we probably want a slightly different hint than the one we have devised for relays.

@kaniini @cwebber very cool! I was wondering if it would make sense for clients to infer semantics from from the actor type + activity type combination (i.e. a group's announce is really "x shared this to the group"), but explicit semantics is even better


@datatitian @cwebber @GuppeGroups Cool! So this is like mailing lists but for Fedi, is that a fair comparison?

@deltaidea @cwebber @GuppeGroups similar, but the "list" is a group's followers list, so people can easily add themselves by following the groups

@datatitian @deltaidea @cwebber
I think @GuppeGroups demonstrates a conception of groups that's lightweight and functional. There's still room to do things, probably as organization actors, that is more in line with expectations about mailing lists, but that would benefit from more a robust inbox than we currently have available

Yes, that's the one I meant. What should we do with it?
Do you mean group justice as discussing justice within a group, or a group devoted to pursuing justice, or what?

@GroupJustice @datatitian @deltaidea @cwebber @GuppeGroups

@bhaugen @GroupJustice

Yes :newlol:

Specifically, though, @datatitian named by name a new parent in an opinion question about how to have groups be a good social experience and I do things like start stubs or other placeholders to remind to come back to things later when it would be rude to act before I forget. This is such a stub

@deltaidea @cwebber @GuppeGroups

In other words, whatever, you did not have anything in mind? Or did you?

I must have missed that opinion question, but a group to discuss how to have groups be a good social experience from a justice viewpoint seems so meta-recursive to be worth a try.

It's a very broad and deep topic, though.

I'm still thinking of guppe groups as best used for discussion topics. Does that seem roughly fitting to you? @datatitian ?

So, sub-topics might be,
* What do we mean by justice?
* For whom?
* How does justice apply to @GuppeGroups ?
* Regardless of justice, how do we have this guppe group be a good social experience?
* And, where to start?

@cwebber @deltaidea @datatitian @bhaugen

The kernel of the idea is that Rome ceased to be a republic when emergency powers became permanent

As long as it's predictable who stands to benefit from crisis, you'll have people with incentives to promote crisis

So one approach to enabling a community to deal with crisis without relying too much on the operator would be to appoint a mediator and empower them to enforce the will of the community with respect to a specific complaint

A lot depends on the specifics of the processes and I can speak to the options later
@datatitian @cwebber @deltaidea @bhaugen

That's interesting in an evocative sort of way, but to comment usefully I would need to know
* what community
* what crisis
* what operator
* what's the diff betw the mediator and the operator
* and what complaint.

For example...I mean, an invented example would be ok. As you said, "A lot depends on the specifics..."

@bhaugen @GroupJustice @datatitian @cwebber @deltaidea

@bhaugen @bhaugen @GroupJustice
I was going to try to establish a general case and drill down variations, but we probably want a hypothetical example that's sufficiently similar to the hypothetical applications for Guppegroups to make discussion relevant, but sufficiently different to make it obvious that I'm not proposing these choices as a one-size-fits-all for use cases I can't possibly anticipate. The goal is probably to get a place where we understand community driven workflows for handling abuse with sufficient clarity to be able to build support tools
@datatitian @cwebber @deltaidea

"The goal is probably to get a place where we understand community driven workflows for handling abuse with sufficient clarity to be able to build support tools."

Ok, that's helpful. I did not know what your goal was before.

@deltaidea @cwebber @datatitian @bhaugen

The community 

The community 

The community 

The community 

The relevance of my background for evaluating community structures 

The relevance of my background for evaluating community structures 

The relevance of my background for evaluating community structures 

The relevance of my background for evaluating community structures 

Towards robust community structures 

@datatitian @cwebber I didn't know this project but it looks very interesting 👍 I'll have another look at it when it's ready for testing,at least in alpha.

@cwebber I built a custom, semi-static blog that federates over ActivityPub:

And I'm currently building a single-user microblogging implementation

@cwebber Me and some other people on fedi setup a bot for quotes from communists. Still has a lot of potential for improvements.


@cwebber @kim and I work in the firefox 🦊 addon Share freedom (Fedishare), which allows share the current tab on several social networks, nextcloud, and xmpp services.

@cwebber I'm now developing two web browsers. I believe I told you about Odysseus already, but Rhapsode takes on the form factor of a voice assistant.

I like studying and documenting how the code I use functions, and have now moved on to graphics libraries. Having just finished going over the code Odysseus directly calls.

Finally I'm building up a list of DRM-free entertainment, and am getting quite into audio shows.

@cwebber P.S. I'd be happy to integrate your DataShards into both of those browsers.

@alcinnz Oh interesting! We should talk /cc @emacsen

Keep in mind that we're still in the "early adopters beware" stage :)

@cwebber @emacsen I can wait, as I've got plenty to do already!

So I guess my first question is when's a good time? I don't expect dates though, I can't give you any myself.

Also there's the question of language, as I've really been enjoying Vala for Odysseus and Haskell for Rhapsode.

@cwebber Working on all layers of computing, including a VM, a P2P protocol and a render engine! Right now I'm just playing with the UI, but I want to have something to share soon :blobcatsip:

@xj9 come on, you already knew I was into something a while ago :blobcatsip:

@espectalll i know abt you i mean that i can't say anything to Mr. Webber over here

@xj9 oh

"Hello fediverse! Tell me about your cool projects?"

I mean, you could just open a tab from the federated AP link and see what the original post is

@espectalll no i mean that i'm blocked by them. i can see the post, they don't want to see mine.

@xj9 ...well then, I don't know well what to say to that, honestly... sorry :blobderpy:

@cwebber Alligator browser. A minimalistic Linux webbrowser in Python with PyQt5 backend.

@void_nill @cwebber Insteresting! Nice to see this. What is the motivation behind it? Any design or architectural principles you are applying?

@alvarezp @cwebber My motivation is that other browsers became much too big and clumsy for me. I want a minimalistic browser without features that does its job quickly and easily.

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