I hate phones and have hated them ever since the end of the n900

I still hate them

@cwebber My N900 never had a SIM installed so it's hard for me to call it a phone, but it made for a nice small form factor touch/stylus operable computer that could connect to my networks over WiFi and run whatever software I wrote for it. Would buy again (actually did, I have 2 of them). Nokia sent me a care package with a newer phone (Symbian based) after their Qt acquisition which was nice, but I kind of missed having the keyboard.

@cwebber yeah, but all our computers are basically turning into phone format.

@cwebber I had a jolla which was not bad but not free either. Used firefoxos, lineageos and its predecessor for years. None of it was great. On Android One now - but that is the worst experience so far. There are two Linux phones coming out this year.

Really don't need much out of a phone if it wasn't for rides and the F****g banking and other authentication apps. Though I have a bank now that does not require one! And I got a token from the university.

A Linux phone would be great.

I used FirefoxOS on my nexus 4 for about 10 months back in 2015. Wasn't that bad. I left because everyone needed me to have WhatsApp.

@efraim @cwebber yeah, it is just a few apps that kill off these alternative OS's. WhatsApp is very popular (I even use it when I am on the road).

There are linux phones: UBports (e.g. on a Nexus 5), PostmarketOS, Maemo-Leste, Nemo, Librem 5...
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