Thanks to @emacsomancer for forwarding to me this article about "demetrification" of social media (not showing like counts, follower counts, etc) and how dramatically user behavior is changed when we do expose these things.

On BoingBoing:


Here's the other thing: exposing like and follower counts on the fediverse is, quite frankly, mostly bullshit. It's so easy to fake, either by giving a number that isn't true or by generating fake responses trivially.

@cwebber this is one of the things that I appreciate about VSCO (a proprietary photo app with social network attached). There are no metrics at all. It's so pleasant

@cwebber I think the #SNFH answer would be to allow people to add "flags" to their profile, so for example you could add a ThousandRealFollowers flag which is issued by the Fediverse Credit Reporting Bureau™, I can make my own credit bureau but nobody will trust it...

@cjd @cwebber I actually like this idea. being able to show “remote data that doesn’t exist anymore” like what if we could all hide our real follower counts here but replace them with our old myspace or friendster follower numbers (shown on wayback machine)

@liaizon @cwebber
What's cool about badges is we really don't know what they might be used for. For example, the EFF could make a "donor" badge.

@cwebber it's not like it's hard on Twitter either; there's an enormous market for fake followers. It'd be tempting to call it a black market, but that would suggest that Twitter disapproves, which is clearly not true.

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