I wish fediverse clients had a working petname based contact list type system so I could write down notes about people and give them my own names so I can actually contextually remember who they are

Especially a big problem after APConf, where now I just followed a bunch of people I really cared about the conversations of, and will have a hard time mentally mapping them to their online identities :(

@cwebber not that you’d want to use #friendica but they have this feature, though its poorly implemented in UX

@cwebber especially for people who change avatar and name all the time.
@lain @cwebber I'll just change my avatar from Flayn to a blonde anime girl, then it'll be all clear

@cwebber @lain I haven't changed avatar or name since 2011, so you can get me off your cognitive load queue.
Btw, congrats on your improving pronunciation of my nick over time 👏

@cwebber A thought: can support custom fields, I added "Fediverse" as a field. Everything after that is just personal databasing. Integrating with your own Fediverse experience might then involve a userscript to run searches and annotate people.
Tempted to explore this myself once I have my account populated. :blobhyperthink:


It's a mobile client so maybe not quite what you are looking for but subway tooter lets you give accounts nicknames and even set custom colors for said account names to make them pop out in your timeline

one joke 

one joke 

@cwebber I really like this idea, I'll add it to my TODO list. 🙂

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