A lot of people were talking like there was an implicit assumption that there will be another . There could be, but it's clear that the community needs to spread out the organization of the next one. Probably FOSDEM dev room is a good start and the right thing for 2020; going forward, maybe another APConf would be good (I think structurally the format was very nice).

It's clear just how much we got done by meeting face to face. Let's make sure we don't lose that.

@cwebber I thought about this from the perspective of "let's see what other events we can meet up around".
Fosdem is quite obvious if we get our devroom.
And then that other not yet announced conference is also great, for 2020, than we can start looking at what's missing for 2021

@cwebber and I only asked @mlemweb to make a check list, so we share the knowledge on to the next conference.

@cwebber I love the irony of how talking about distributed communication tools benefits from getting everyone together in one room at the same time ;-)

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