One of the big takeaways from me from apconf was how much I've unfairly discounted the Pleroma community (tbqh because @lain is such a massive shitposter that I don't know how to make sense of it probably). But meeting everyone IRL really made clear how thoughtful that community is, behind all the jokes. Lots of excitement there while discussing (not just w/ the Pleroma folks, but esp with them) about how to make things genuinely better for fediverse users. Thanks for the good chats, friends.


On that note, we had massive turnout of implementors from across the fediverse spectrum, but Mastodon's dev team was missing. I know some people wanted to make it, but couldn't, so I'm not blaming anyone, but we made so much progress and so much connection at APConf that it really struck me how important getting everyone at the table is.

@cwebber do you mean tootsuite or across all the forks?

@kyzh I'm assuming tootsuit, but afaik I was the only one from any fork.
I don't recall any glitch folx introducing themselves as such.

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