I'm reading the OCAPPUB paper by @cwebber in preparation of the #APConf. It's very interesting, and I highly recommend #ActivityPub implementors to read and share it.


@hellekin @Christopher Lemmer Webber @Marius Orcsik Correction - I meant the regular inbox. The sharedInbox has a different set of problems.

@indio @mariusor @how I don't take any offense, I'm just trying to explain... if you see how much output I've produced in the last couple of months, hopefully that can clarify why OcapPub isn't finished. The conferences forced me to pivot at that time to getting Datashards in shape for the conferences and preparing my keynote and other such things. Hectic couple of months.

I want to finish OcapPub. I know how all the remaining sections end, I just need to find a day to complete it.

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