New episode of @librelounge out about Datashards, a project @emacsen and I have been working on for secure, collaborative, decentralized storage primitives for the web.

Datashards is inspired by Tahoe-LAFS and Freenet, but generalized. If you remember the Spritely Magenc/Crystal/Golem secure storage/distribution demos, Datashards grew out of all that!

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Really nice. Thank you!

I have questions, but I'll leave them until after I've seen the website 😎


Sounds intriguing! When I first read the name I thought it said "Dashtards" which I found insulting. Glad to see I just misread it!

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@librelounge @emacsen

Please tell me you're talking to @nextclouders and @yunohost about this... #Selfhosting, especially where file sync by small home servers is involved, desperately needs a good solution for both backing up data and redundancy for when the only server (often only a raspberry Pi or similar) goes down.

I'd love to see this in #Peertube, too.

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Once we have working applications, I would love if self hosting folks took this up.

Right now DataShards is still in its prototype and design stage. Once we have software you can install and run that shows off the various ways it can be used, then we'll hopefully see many implementations.

I thought you were going to mention shamir shards for secret sharing, but I guess thats different.
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@efraim @librelounge @emacsen Shamir Shards are cool, they aren't what we're talking about, but they could be composed with Datashards if you wanted to use that to back up with your friends the write capability for a mutable datashards object

@cwebber @librelounge @emacsen Awesome project! Do you want to write it out as "Datashards" or "DataShards"? You're somewhat inconsistent, if you plan to settle one one way now would be the time to get all public documents right about it.

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