(we're trying to get the website up today; I had other ideas for a logo I was going to make in Blender, but I have run out of time)

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Thanks everyone... it seems like the group consensus is +prompt +scanline, so I'm going to move forward with that. The bikeshed is closed!

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@cwebber definitely keep the prompt. No opinion on the scanline.

@stevenroose Yeah, I was just thinking that if someone didn't immediately get the context '$' has weirder associations than '#' or '>' (the last being in some ways the most obvious prompt).

(My eshell prompt is: λ$ )


@cwebber If only there were a way to do a short-term poll on Mastodon....

@craigmaloney Yeah I wanted to, but coudln't embed long enough links in the poll options!

@cwebber Could have had the explanation at the top and then the "prompt + scanlines", "no prompt, no scanlines"

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