@Christopher Lemmer Webber

Has it ever been determined the right format for an AP DID? @saranix said you'd be the person to ask.

Note: I noticed the typo in the title before hitting submit, but it's so adorable I left it.

@rialtate Not really afaik. However, my thoughts of how to approach something DID-like, and whether DIDs are needed, have shifted over time. I think a mutable datashards document fully solves the problem for AP people. github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/rwot

(... cotd ...)


@rialtate Here's how:

- Make an mdsc document as your user profile id, say mdsc:p0.<blah-blah-blah>
- You'll also need a petnames system for appropriate UX github.com/cwebber/rebooting-t
- Point the inbox at the current server you're using; distribute MDSC updates in a way that nodes can see (over AP itself, or use a gossip system)
- The server you used went down? Make an mdsc update and point it at a new inbox on a new server.

That's it!

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@rialtate In other words, you just store the user's Person json-ld object right in the mutable datashards document

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