Whenever I drink coffee, I can only drink it with creamer, and I always want to eat something with it. I don't drink coffee at home but it makes things complicated when I go to coffee shops where I do.

But I've been hacking at the coffee shop drinking iced yerba mate for a few hours with good success and without that impulse.

@cwebber coffee without food can be a bit hard on the system.

@cwebber There’s some coffee that’s really good black (particularly Ethiopian), but I don’t think I’ve ever actually had good coffee from a coffee shop, no matter how fancy, and often it makes me slightly physically ill (though I forgot and drink it anyway). For me, at least, I’m usually better off getting some tea-like thing at coffee shops. Rooibos is really good too, for times you don’t want/need caffeine but want some that tastes like tea.

I have a similar one when it comes to beer. I really want something to snack with it, preferably something salty or deep-fried. Probably comes from my student time when we'd have #Palm beers with #bitterballen and/or a cheese platter after classes (or occasionally in between 😌).
Unfortunately it's a more expensive habit here in #Norway compared to when I still lived in the #Netherlands, so it's one I had to beat, but the urge is still there.

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