Do you want to see spam and hate speech off the Fediverse? Think there must be a better way than continuing to click Mute and Block all the time?

On this episode of Libre Lounge, Chris and Serge talk about the work they're doing to protect the Fediverse from Spam, Scams and Online Harasment.

@librelounge I haven't listened to the episode, yet, but this has been bothering me for a while, since the mute/block approach means that there's a world of difference between the community established members see and the trash newcomers are going to see, which isn't exactly the best foot forward.

@librelounge Now listened, it seems like a good start, but avoids the broadcast nature of networks: Hate speech does damage without a vulnerable person receiving it.
I once looked at using the Scuttlebutt network as a proxy for appreciation and recursively collect/scale follows/blocks to guess who's worth following or blocking.
I like the premise because it uses real priorities, doesn't require a new system layer, and newcomers can use it. Is something similar feasible for ActivityPub?


@jcolag @librelounge I agree with "hate speech does damage without a vulnerable person receiving it." Maybe better phrasing is probably "reducing abuse" (particularly directed abuse) rather than "stopping hate speech", the latter of which is a claim nobody can fully prevent and we can't either.

It does provide a system by which people performing hate speech may be stuck on their own islands, at least; not perfect, better than what we have now though by a wide margin.

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