New episode about LIbre Lounge covering a different approach for how to mitigate spam, abuse, etc on the federated social web (and why other currently considered approaches aren't a sufficient foundation), moving towards "networks of consent"

If you've heard me talking about OcapPub lately, this episode walks through a lot of the same ideas and arguably more approachably. (It may even make it easier for you to read OcapPub.)

It could be easy to get hung up on the "postage stamps" details, and that will be written about more soon, but that's not the most important aspect of this system. (And other mechanisms can be used.)

The most important aspect is how you get *intentional* connections between people who establish a social relationship together. People you don't have intentional connections with have some "resistance" or "friction" towards getting to you, which can be stamps or something else.

Oh yeah, and extra thanks to @emacsen for doing a LOT of editing on this one... lots of stops and starts that were cut out of the actual release. Also a really good explaination by Serge I think about how to think of this stuff in terms of telephone numbers which should be familiar even to a non-programming audience.

We care a lot about this stuff, so clarity is important... a lot of the clarity comes from editing, so thank you @emacsen for putting in that hard work.

@emacsen also for writing AP Unwanted Messages which preceded OcapPub and has a huge overlap of thinking based on our conversations.

(OcapPub wasn't meant to be put out so soon, but we felt the urgency of the situation meant that its writing needed to be accelerated.)

@cwebber Ah you mean like how I worried people might abuse the postage stamp feature.

That gets into meta-dynamics though: but say a mother manipulates her child into ramping up the postage stamp feature to be really high, despite that person being their best friend.

People seem to want Wattpad to have this feature: you can still block, but your block has to be approved by a moderator, to prrevent "Spam Blocking." People that exploit the mute / block button.

@cwebber the notes also mention the #ActivityPubConf. I'd love to attend but I doubt I can find the funds to get from China to Prague in September. However, if anyone is interested, I'd love to help organize a federated social web gathering for next year in Asia, somewhere like Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Japan. Or maybe as part of the #FOSSAsia Summit to be held in Singapore in March 2020?

@strypey @capmisson has created #fediconf category on to prepare a 2020 edition in Barcelona. Could be interesting to see what comes up next.

@how @strypey @cwebber yep that’s right, but it would be interesting to have people from Matrix, GnuSocial, or even some instance admins and that’s not directly AP related? Not sure the best way to approach it

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