Some good ActivityPub Conf 2019 news: we got exactly the right number of submissions (all excellent!) to be able to fit all of them in and still do an unconference on Sunday. I'm extremely excited about this lineup!

We'll be making the actual schedule publicly available next week.

There are only a few slots left to register as an attendee btw! If you'd like to come, don't delay!

Can't wait to see them (I can't be there)
Any words on vids? Will there at least be slidedecks?
I know some presenters don't like to have their video posted on the internet-- I would volunteer to transcribe so we can at least have text of discussions, etc.

@cwebber Wish I could! No chance for more travel during this autumn I'm afriad :/

@cwebber I'm so excited about this! I was burned out on conferences until battle mesh happened, and or was so small and cool and friendly that I remembered what I like about these things. How many registrations do you have ?

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