<@mlemweb> do you have time to do $X?
<me> not really, but I'm capable
<@mlemweb> "I don't have the time, but I'm capable ... and it's for a good cause" is going to be the death of you Chris
<me> probably
<@mlemweb> I'll find a way to work it into the eulogy

@cwebber I really like "I can but it's not convenient," as a response because it lets the other person make the decision about how important the request is, rather than you trying to make that decision - you, as the person not needing the thing, probably don't know best how urgent or important it is! (My partner and I give each other the "I can but not easily" answer often.)



@cwebber is horrible at doing this for themselves, but I'm super brutal about doing it for them. We'll be in front of a person asking Chris to do something and Chris is getting excited and I'll be like "really? What about the 10 other things you said you'd do that you complain you don't have time to do?


@mlemweb @emsenn I appreciate that you look out for me fwiw (and sorry I don't look out for myself enough)

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