I just added what I think is the coolest part to OcapPub... the "Composition" section! This especially shows off how cool ocap design is: Alyssa schedules a backup of her file to run twice a day, and yet the job scheduler which runs the backup has neither access to read the file nor write anything else to the backup service! gitlab.com/spritely/ocappub/bl

I remember when I first realized you could do this kind of advanced stuff with ocaps and that it was *dead simple*, my mind was *blown*. I hope other people find it as interesting.

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is there a sort of "hello world" example for ocap?

v1: normal programming, without side effects
function helloWorld() {
return "Hello World";

v2: normal programming, with argument passing
function helloWorld(printLn) {
printLn("Hello World");

v3: Same as v2, but no extra argument, because printLn access is "handed to" the module

v4: https://some-ocaps.example/obj/b9wSO6f7F31yz50VWNXRchjpT8BaADPygiVROoqKaw (renders a page that says "hello world")

v5: same thing but with an activitystreams object


@deejoe I feel like that OcapPub goes into detail if you want more.

Personally, my favorite intro was reading mumble.net/~jar/pubs/secureos/

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I guess my take-away is that there remains something of an opportunity in this space.

@deejoe Yes, I think nobody's given the world's easiest intro to ocaps; it hasn't yet been written.

But we tried pretty hard; here's an episode where we give some intros to the concepts on @librelounge librelounge.org/episodes/episo

@cwebber @librelounge

aha. That might have what I need.

Will see if I can find an owl there later :-)


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