Announcing ActivityPub Conf 2019! September 7th & 8th in Prague, immediately following Rebooting Web of Trust.

Space is limited, see post for details. We are also soliciting talks.

Hope to see you there!

@cwebber Nice to see an AP focused conf in my homecity, i'll be submitting an application soon :)
I'd love to go as well, but will only know much closer to the time if I can make it (if that's a possibility?)

@karen @cwebber

@mayel @karen If there are slots open by then, it will be... right now there are (we aren't at half capacity yet) but I'm not sure how fast it will fill.

Do you think it's *highly likely* that you will make it? You could pre-emptively register and cancel if you can't make it, but that does block a slot for someone else if it turns out you can't go.

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Thanks! Think I'll wait and see how the stars align... Good luck with the event in any case!

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