RacketCon didn't have tea on hand and I started drinking coffee again

I'm craving coffee :X

well for better or mostly worse, I'm back with coffee

@cwebber I have also resumed drinking coffee. I’ve found the main benefit is it makes getting out of bed and easier because I wanna get up for a cup of coffee

@cwebber Coffee just loves you and wants you to be happy.

@cwebber “Powerful you have become, the coffee I sense in you.”
– Yoda

@emacsen yeah it's good

part of the thing is when I get in the Coffee Craving Mood I also crave the roast'edness of coffee though

@emacsen When I weaned myself off of coffee a few years ago I ended up drinking a lot of Pero

probably need to do that again

I love coffee and will never give it up. :) Though I only drink it early in the day now because all of a sudden caffeine makes me unable to sleep

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