I'm writing up a description of something that's kind of like "ephemeral postage stamps" (they disappear/expire, after a while). I'm currently calling it "ghostage stamps".

I can't tell if this is the best name or the worst name.

@cwebber this is one thing that worries me. How are these ghostage stamps obtained? If they have to be purchased what about people who can't afford to pay?

@Shutsumon Yes, how indeed! I'll cover this a bit more, but several things:
- There's *no cost* to communicate with the people you already have relationships with. So you only need them for people you don't have a connection to.
- If you are accessing the network, you already have the tools to acquire postage, if/when you need it... you have a CPU.
- The "costs" to a good actor in the system I'm thinking of are *dramatically lower* than the costs for a bad actor. How can that be?

@Shutsumon The reason it's lower if you're a good actor is that people can, and hopefully generally will, refund you if they accept your message. So you can reuse those, up until they expire. They also can then "establish a connection" so you don't have to pay to speak to them in the future.

By contrast, bad actors have to keep paying.

The fact that postage expires also means that this doesn't become "valuable". Anyone can become a [gh|p]ostage dispenser, and I'll show how to do that.

@cwebber @Shutsumon Refunding and expiry is a really interesting extension to hashcash.

@cwebber "Ghostage" just by itself is catchy.. not so much the whole phrase.

@cwebber if they're the worst, it just proves that worse is better.

Ghostage stamps are cute, clever, and make a point about being ephemeral

Another approach to the name might be too emphasize the reduction of junk mail and reducing the toxicity of shitposting with community postage - "compost stamps"

@yaaps @cwebber "Ghostage" makes me think of ghosting, when you bail on associating with someone. Since this also has to do with assocation, I wonder if others would have a connotation between the two that wouldn't map?

I think "stamp" is the wrong noun. A stamp is mostly identically reproducible - that's the whole deal of them, and then they

These are each unique to the transaction, right?. "postmark visa" would probably be the term I'd use for this concept.

@emsenn @yaaps That was the concern I had with "ghostage stamps" too. But it's such a nice pun, and good imagery, if you don't mix in that slang.

@yaaps @cwebber

Postmark = the black ink a post office puts on the letter. kinda equivalent to the sorting/verification done by the inbox?

Visa = the coupon used to request permission to go from here to there.

So postmark visa to me says "coupon used to get into the inbox system"

@cwebber I'd just call it as is, ephemeral postage stamps.
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