Anyone have a print-on-demand service they recommend? I have a couple-hundred-pages PhD dissertation that's relevant to my work I'd like to print out and have on hand.

@cwebber I've always used the nearby staples? The one near my old house had an email address I could send things to.

@cwebber My book is printed through I like that they contract with local printers so it's actually cheap to ship to almost any country because the books don't have to go very farl

@cwebber a second for big corp Staples. Their prices are so inexpensive, I cannot justify buying a printer.

@cwebber US Letter. So I'd recommend going with somewhere like Staples et al. Printing that as a book from a POD service is going to be expensive.

@craigmaloney @cwebber Yeah, if just having it as a flip-through-able reference is the important thing, I would go to a copy shop and get it spiral- or Velo-bound. POD at that size would be pricey, and maybe not suited for your intended use.

@craigmaloney @cwebber I *did* go the POD route with my own PhD thesis, but that's because I am an old hand at LaTeX and suffer from artistic aspirations. Also, a bookstore here in town offers the service.

(Actually, two of them do, but I've only tried one.)

Prior to that, I used both Lulu and CreateSpace. The quality was fine, the cost a bit steep for anything I would try to sell.

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