I really ought to write a blogpost about the E programming language, and why it's *THE MOST* important programming language you probably haven't studied if you're interested in secure distributed/decentralized systems.

Time and time again, I run into some challenge and it turns out that the answer is already written out somewhere on two decades ago.

@cwebber And, if you do so, explain why it's better than Elixir, Rust, Go, C or Python :-)

@cwebber Oh hey, another #E fan. We looked into it at uni for a distributed computing project

@tomas It's an incredible project and language. I'm consistently amazed at how many things were figured out and done right.

It doesn't hurt that it was designed for the same goal that Spritely is: a distributed social game.

This is partly why Spritely has that goal (in addition to being fun): it has all the right challenges to force you to develop the right solutions.

@cwebber Yeah. I think what struck is most is the way it can, if I understand correctly, automagically split computation up into suitably large chunks and then shared between nodes. We were doing a lot of RPC stuff, and figuring out how to distribute a constraint solver, and E seems able to do that on its own.
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