putting some more effort back into activitydesk because I kinda don't wanna focus too much on Web interfaces - there's people smarter than me who can work on that

right now, I'm focusing on making activitydesk work with just resolving sites then use the mastodon rust lib to connect to an account.

then I'll work on doing the same for microsub. that'd be greenfield since I don't see any prior art for that. which is fine

It's hard to know which pots are on the back burner and which ones are hot! ActivityDesk... is this (among other things) a multi-account desktop client for the Mastodon API using Qt for the UI? Asking for a friend, a new friend who paid me for a design that you might be building already. What's the best way to help you ship ActivityDesk with the Mastodon API done? I'd rather rough out the QML than build the whole thing, even for for a check

@AceNovo I need to get better at communicating things tbh. Yeah, ActivityDesk is the KDE-sponsored/-backed project for social stuff. commits.kde.org/scratch/jalcin

Tbh, the UI shouldn't know too much about _where_ the data is coming from - everything Mastodon specific would be done in the Rust logic

@AceNovo the goal is to have each social "implementation" (Microsub, Mastodon, Pleroma, PixelFed) done in a way that allows for simple rendering. This'll allow for multiple accounts on one machine too

I'll see if he wants to install Kubuntu on his Windows machines and Chromebook instead of finding someone to build a multiplatform client 😎

That's exciting. I'm personally much less interested in Mastodon than I am in what can be done with ActivityPub source once you have it on a machine you control

@AceNovo tbh I wanna test builds of this for Windows. It'd need someone comfortable with Qt (or wouldn't mind me driving it with them to set up reproducible builds)

Let me tag him, then. I don't have a Windows 10 build system at the moment, but I'd be willing to work on the build process if I did


KDE is sponsoring ActivityDesk, a Qt-based social client for multiple stream sources, including Mastodon. @jalcine is building it. The fastest way to get something substantially similar to what I designed for you on your Windows box would probably be for someone to help with the Windows build

@cwebber @AceNovo @PhilthePill I'm still working on a "What is ActivityDesk" post in my coming Patreon post but tl;dr: desktop landscape of social Web is being overlooked IMO and I wanna invest more in it

@jalcine @cwebber @AceNovo Very cool. My main thing - what I'm hoping to contribute money toward - is a feature that really helps multi-feed/multi-platform/multi-instance applications sort through both hashtags and more effectively filter out noise, including triggering CWs.

@PhilthePill @cwebber @AceNovo that should be very possible with this - I was legit thinking about approaches for that a few minutes ago

The approach I was thinking is that you put all messages in a single data store and keep metadata on the sources so when you interact with a message, you know which accounts it's visible on. A feed is an index. When you modify filter parameters, you rebuild the index. Ideally, you'd provide a generic filter API rather than hardcoding a specific algorithm
@PhilthePill @cwebber

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