The two worst names in Spritely currently are "magenc" (immutable encrypted storage) and "crystal" (mutable encrypted storage), the former because it sounds terrible (and precedes the Spritely convention of hack-and-slash-rpg-tropes), the latter because of name collisions (but hey, using that convention means there will be some collisions by definition).

I'm vaguely thinking of renaming them to "chest" (Content Hashed and Encrypted for Storage and Transmission) and "boh" (bag of holding)?

but, tbh, I should probably hold off on such a bikeshed until after I get out this demo.

@cwebber I actually kinda like the magenc name; it's pretty clear what it's for to anyone familiar with magnet links.


Why don't you just call then

Immutable encrypted storage


Mutable encrypted storage ?

Not cool but very functional

@cwebber possibly relevant: “boh” is colloquial italian for “don't know”, “no idea”, possibly with a hint of “don't care”.

OTOH, avoiding collisions with other languages when using a 3-letters word is probably unavoidable.

@cwebber Related to the concepts of magnet and crystal, I'll just toss out a few terms that come to mind:
- iron :: associated with strength, magnetism
- magnetite :: an iron ore that can be magnetized
- lodestone :: a magnetized piece of magnetite

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