Would you buy/use a computer that ran 3x slower than modern machines if it were more secure (less vulnerable to side-channel attacks)?


Interestingly, the numbers are very different on here than they are on birdsite. Many more people here seem to be willing to take a speed hit for security here than there. Not surprising, I suppose: selection bias.

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@cwebber According to my official and unbiased mastodon poll Hillary should have won the election too :)

@cwebber There wasn't a "3x slower than modern machines would probably still be faster than my nine-year-old desktop machine." 😆


FWIW, I wouldn’t make the tradeoff (except maybe on a second computer) because I’m confident in my ability to avoid those kinds of attacks.


Rarely. I use NoScript and only enable it for sites I trust.

(Yes, I realize that’s not bulletproof because how much can I *really* trust a site but I expect actual wide-ranging in-the-wild side channel attacks to get on the public radar before they can reach me.)

(And that assumes such attacks are actually feasible and profitable.)

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