I'm not too worried about Librem One in the software forks... I don't suspect it will impact the fediverse or original projects too much, whether or not some decisions end up being misguided. The original branches will survive; it's free software.

But I do think @purism has a good and really critical mission with making libre hardware. There aren't many options that are modern and fairly easily available. It seems like the org is biting off a lot; I hope the hardware work continues.

@Are0h I'll accept that. I'm partly talking about my assumptions of how much this will impact the survivability of the fediverse: probably not a lot, because if people are upset, the network will respond appropriately... and it looks like that's already happening.

So I'm not saying people shouldn't be upset about disabling anti-abuse tools, but that the network in some ways can accomodate people being upset and allow them to act accordingly.

@cwebber I appreciate the clarification and to some extent I agree.

I also think most people understand this point already, so it's a bit redundant.

People are upset because we keep having these same conversations and people generally respond 'well, you can just do something else'.

Yeah, we know. That's not the problem.

The problem is why in this space that professes inclusivity, we are still having these circular conversations that ignore the interests of the people we are allegedly for.


Trouble is we admin folk get to pay whack a mole with instances they may offer up or those who end up deploying their fork. We have no ability to stay ahead of the deployments and manage things appropriately.

I *could* get creative with an MRF in Pleroma to auto-block instances that don't public the usual mastodon timeines but that's guess work and leaves Mastodon instances open to more harassment.

I encounter at least 1 shitty instance per week and I'm NOT a target, I can't imagine what others who are targets have to deal with.

Why should we waste the collective time of others when the TOOLS EXIST ALREADY and were REMOVED?

Admins are rarely paid and I do not appreciate people wasting my precious time by removing safety features and pushing bock lists.

When was the last time you tried self-hosting e-mail? Ever end up on a block list or gray list?

How easy is it to undo a bad actor submitting your instance to a block list or graylist?

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