Hello, I'm an old-timey doctor; what problem can I help you with today?

@cwebber I think my humours might be out of balance… 🤒

hi, I'm a timey-wimey Doctor, what can I help with?
* sonic you
* make your time go wibbly-wobbly
* show you my psychic paper
* go alonsiiii


I seem to have a case of the shudders and maybe also a slight case of the weepies.

@vk more of a reference to living with @mlemweb who is very interested in terrifying medical history


if too much blood and too much bile are tied, that means that your humors are balanced and you're healthy! congratulations!

...unless you've got a phlegm problem

@cwebber I checked how many ribs I have, and how many my husband has, and something's wrong!!!

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