Just a straw poll of interest here.

If we did a W3C workshop on federation and ActivityPub, would you want to attend? Is it something you'd be willing to travel for?

@cwebber YES. Of course it all depends on when, where, and cost. But my interest is certainly piqued.

I probably wouldn't travel, but I would love to see videos and the curriculum afterwards.

I would consider participating remotely

@cwebber yes and yes, but I can't guarantee I would be able to, obviously

The will sometimes surpasses the means :p
@cwebber @garbados I’d be willing to travel to attend if it were within Europe.

@cwebber if definitely be interested. Traveling depends on the cost of the conference itself

@cwebber I'd definitely do something remotely, similar to the recent HashiCorp remote conference.

@cwebber Will be interested in attending, on site or remotely.

@cwebber i would love to attend if it was within a reasonable distance of travel! this probably means somewhere in america for me but obviously some places are easier then others

@cwebber Yes, if I happen to be in the same country. Where will this take place?

@cwebber Yes but only remotely. I do not have a passport.


Yes, but would depend on what, where and when. Mainly would be interested in an implementation hack-a-thon.

@cwebber If you had waited one day you could make it an interactive poll...

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