not enough specialized package managers out there folks

obviously what the world needs is for the linux kernel to have its own package manager just for modules

this is a good idea feel free to take it there will be no problems

@staticsafe @cwebber i lenard can be the community leader, that would work so well

@cwebber there's been a lot of snark coming from this account recently - what did you do with wholesome chris?

@eject good question

I'll try to turn down the snarkometer for a while

@cwebber Only if we can host the package repository on a privately-held service incompatible with anything else and wave off any questions about security.

@cwebber I mean, we already did that with an SCM tool, so why not?


@cwebber Is this a real thing? Somebody is suggesting or building such a thing?

@cstanhope sorry to alarm! afaik nobody is suggesting to build it

but it's a sad time that my snark post sounded feasible I guess :)

@cwebber Phew! Thanks for clarifying. I honestly couldn't quite tell.

@cwebber hate to break it to you, but kernel modules are a package format

author and license metadata, dependencies, bundle of objects, ..

@cwebber hey, you could get lennart poettering to work on it!

@cwebber i knew you were kidding (i hope) but i started trembling in fear a little

@cwebber I would be unironically in favor of a distribution system for DKMS source, on the condition that the kernel driver community could actually agree on one, and that it would be made with trivial repackaging for .deb and .rpm in mind (which would probably be good enough for making Nix and Guix packaging trivial as well).

@clacke I think maybe we need a distinction between "packaging format" (and build system) and "package manager"

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