do the world a favor and get your friends back on xmpp

@cwebber do your friends a favor and make #xmpp as usable as telegram

@cwebber I would, if there were an client for GNU/Linux that's fully -friendly and supports with all common features.

Right now, I have much higher hopes for a future stable version of .

@teecee @cwebber maybe when matrix has a server that doesn't use 2GB RAM, sure

Not everyone needs to run a server... 2GB is maybe a lot, but even most phones has more memory than that.

@teecee ideally everyone should be able to run a server. it should be as easy as possible. matrix, right now, does not have a good server implementation, and is not worth installing. it also doesn't really have any usable mobile clients except riot, and riot kind of sucks.


I'm on my way doing that 😎

It's gonna take a while but I'm doing my best

Hint: rational arguments don't work

Emotional ones do

the most obvious joke to make 

@cwebber 🤔 that's a funny way to spell "IRC"

@cwebber write more clients. more usable clients. modern clients. and sadly, someone needs to do that for all platforms, including ios (the forgotten stepchild of libre software, due in large part to the platform's hostility to such and expensive cost in even shipping software at all)

@cwebber xmpp lacks usable clients. especially on iOS. but pretty much the only actually good client is Conversations for Android, sadly.

Agreed ios is teally lacking but there are a few projects making progress. Monal is coming along really quickly

@cwebber @trwnh most of them are not good. there isn't even a decent TUI client for linux (although hopefully Profanity becomes one at some point)

@cwebber Contacted an old friend that I have not seen in a long while via e-mail. He was my first contact over xmpp, introduced me to it, and the only for quite a while. He replied, then I replied saying we can talk over xmpp again... and he stopped replying :-/ Trying, but it's not working.

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