Given upload filter stuff, it might be that the safest way to host a decentralized network going into the future is plausible deniability, which makes me think the stuff I'm working on with Spritely (eg the Golem demo) is quite timely?

@selea IPFS on its own doesn't provide plausible deniability, since it isn't encrypted.

The tahoe-lafs like direction I'm exploring with Golem / Magenc is safer. It could be composed with IPFS though.


Never heard of Golem or Magenc actually, what are those?

The reason I thought of IPFS is that it is decentralized, so no single plattform can be held accountable right?

@cwebber Apparantly they stopped explicitly calling for Filter software. So hopefully all you need to do is make sure your instance doesn't grow beyond what you can moderate.

Then again I don't know.

I'm wary - by not calling for explicit filters, they also avoid claiming a filter is sufficient. If the onus is on preventing file transfer not on preventing knowledge of file transfer, it could get really messy. I'm not even sure what the rule on cached content from subscriptions is etc. wrt fediverse... The opacity in what actually will be enforced is infuriating.

@cwebber My thoughts exactly. As the old saying goes, "the Internet will just route around it".

Golem looks really interesting (juding by the Readme). I'm eager to see what comes of it! :)

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