I get so much goddamned anxiety about booking travel

@cwebber INDEED

So you know how Back In The Past we had _travel agents_ do this sort of thing? And how, even further in the past, people rarely travelled and we assumed that travelling took tons of prep time? This is -- to me -- all of a piece with how a ton of fiddly expensive-if-you-make-a-mistake labor has emerged or shifted onto the middle class's shoulders, without commensurate logistical, psychological, or financial support for that shift

@brainwane @cwebber seems to me part of the problem here is what counts as *valuable* labor, the kind someone deserves to get paid for. This is really obvious with the travel agent example, but also think about how executive assistants and janitors don't get anything like the credit -- in either money, or status -- they deserve.


(by which I mean, not as in some indefinite future time, but this weekend)



(the plays were fun, I mean. the hold ... could have been worse, I guess?)


@brainwane @cwebber I was thinking about just that as I was keying in the code for the pineapple I was buying

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