Sorry everyone. I'm going to be deeply behind on things for the next few weeks as everything happens for the house and the move and etc. I'm not feeling as productive as usual this month and I feel bad about it.

I hate being in intermediate states, and moving is one of the worst intermediate states of all. We've had to do it too many times over the last number of years. I hope this is the last time ever.


I did two major moves last year, and I've averaged 1.5/year for the majority of my life.

It's difficult and stessfull and makes me want to cry.

Get through it and feel better on the other side.

@cwebber productivity is highly overrated

unusual and indetermediate states often lead to important new insights

@elplatt We did. I'm excited about it! It's going to be great long term but of course the intermediary situation is a bit more stressful :)

@cwebber Nice! My partner and I just bought a house too. Totally the same feels.

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